knee deep in red wine

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(the incredibly shrinking woman) Knee deep in red wine and happier than a pig in shit. There is something quite magical about finding some one to love then building something you truly believe in together. This little wine domaine couldn’t … Read More

every vine yard needs a puppy

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 I am your best friend, Now, always, and especially When you are eating. This haiku perfectly describes the newest member of our team….Pinan.  We went to the pound to save him but it seams he is saving us right back, … Read More

Gathering Chestnuts

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i truly love where i live, the light, the dry Mediterranean climate with it’s incredible growing season and bounty of wild treats on offer but even when you are totally content with your home it’s still nice to go on an adventure … Read More

olive hunting

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  I love bits of every season, in varying degrees… true love is definitely summer, i need it’s intensity like a school girl in love but there is a quiet that comes with autumn that is starting to grow on me. Maybe I … Read More

Wine tasting and tours

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Winter is on it’s way but the good news is our tasting room is open all year long. We will also be offering wine tours through the autumn and winter, you can book a tour or tasting at:  on our website  or by … Read More

Repas de Quartier

posted in: Non classé | 0 translates ‘Repas de Quartier’ to ‘neighbourhood meal’, my definition would be; a collection of people with some times no similarities other then the simple fact of geography sharing a meal together. With a long table squeezed between the old stone … Read More

autumn day

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Autumn Day Lord: it is time. The summer was immense.Lay your shadow on the sundialsand let loose the wind in the fields. Bid the last fruits to be full;give them another two more southerly days,press them to ripeness, and chasethe … Read More

snails, so french

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They eat our grapes, they eat our salad and then we eat them. The life cycle of a french snail. These particular specimens were prepared by an Australian snail hunter and enjoyed with some truly beautiful wines. 

it’s a girl

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We started harvesting at the beginning of september and I am proud to announce our first wine of 2012 is born. It’s a girl, and she’s beautiful. Like a proper little lady this one had us waiting, fermenting for a whopping 27 days but … Read More

honey, oh honey honey….

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   Remember our adventures with our neighbours the honey bees, and then how we added our own little bee estate up on the vine yard, hand making the accommodations of course. Looks like our investments are starting to pay off (evil chuckle)…..we harvested two … Read More

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