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Yes it’s true, if you would like to get up dates by email directly in your mail box you can subscribe to our blog now, have a look on the right side of the blog half way down the page … Read More

tuesday morning market

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tomorrow is one of my last tuesdays at the Olonzac markets for the season. i have enjoyed my summer tuesdays poring little tastings and chatting with the passers by, i won’t miss the hot sweaty crowds though. Luckily september is a perfect month for the market, the … Read More

making rose

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rosé, the drink of summer, of sitting around a pool, or river or fan. A fan-dangled new modern wine served cold and pink, of all colours, pink, wine in a glass with an ice cube? This year we decided to jump into … Read More

moving on…

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In france we are blessed with four seasons and in this house hold we live them fully, like an old pair of cut off’s in the summer or hand knitted woolly socks in the winter. In this part of the … Read More

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 i love these fuzzy shots the boys took, (emmanuel bottom) and (renaud top). i like to see my self from their perspective. 

wine tasting

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When we like someone very very much we invite them to do a special tasting of our entire cellar (warning to all you future guests). My folks flew in for a whirl wind visit and to fill up on what … Read More

wines on the shelf

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Our wines are now available for all you Winnipegers or any one passing through. We have had the absolute pleasure of working with Banville and Jones and imported our wine into Manitoba. The folk over at Banville and Jones have been so great … Read More

Happy Bastille day

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I know I know I have been away for ages…. and then here I show up with a post about Bastille day(?), or should I say le quatorze Juillet(the 14 of July) as they say around here. It’s essentially Frances … Read More

beach or vines (?)

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When summer hits with a bang and your parents have arrived all the way from Canada for a visit and your kids are on school holiday and your picnic basket is all packed with yummy sandwiches and frozen bottles of … Read More

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