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The first time i came to the minervois i fell flat on my face in love with the area (yes the love for the land came before the love for the man). I was ever so charmed by the light, … Read More

rosemary and ‘our wine’

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whats so great about our wine? I would like to start talking a little bit more about our wines with you, the little things behind around and inside our wines that have become normal and every day for us but … Read More

welcome to our wine tour

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i have been busy with the wine tours, there is nothing more wonderful than a fine glass of wine, fresh home cooked food and that view that takes your breath away. find out more about our wine tours here or book a … Read More

my three gardeners

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 i live in a male dominated house hold, (in fact i am the only princess) i live with three male gardeners and so i am blessed with an awful lot of vegetable gift offerings….perfect for a princess.  christophe has green ‘fingers’ (as the … Read More

building bee hives

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remember our neighbours the bees? and remember how some of them grew up and left home? we managed to collect some of the swarms and installed them into hive boxes. we placed them up in our vineyards to enjoy the wild flowers … Read More


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  “my baby’s are getting so big”……the eternal song of a mother. bonne fete a tout le mamans, especially mine and thanks for a wonderful day my little cherubs.  

wine design

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these platters really caught my eye…..maybe a little impractical if you actually want to drink whats in the bottle at the same time as nibbling……..  ah practical shmactical they are so pretty. ps i found them on design sponge  but the designers … Read More

a Saturday full of wine

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if your around saturday the 9 of june we would love for you to stop by the domain. guided tours will be leaving for the vine yards at 13h and 18h. Otherwise our doors are open from 11h on wards you … Read More

à table

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i made our favourite corgette salad for the first time this year last night, summer is on it’s way. i can feel it, i love this time of year when every one starts waking up from winters hibernation, slipping in to the … Read More

flowers and wine

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 christophe and i took sunday afternoon off (!) and went on a botanical walk with the lovely folk from la maison d’abeille up in the black mountains. it was wonderful to be back in the mountains, the lushness and the … Read More

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