We prune our vines by hand, thinking not only of this year’s harvest, but of how they will grow for years to come. As we are pruning we think of quality not quantity – both for the sake of the wine and that of the vine. We prune by hand with old fashioned secateurs, it's a slow rhythmic job, much slower than if we used electric scissors and incomparable to the speed of the new pruning machines but in the time we take with each vine we get a little closer to them, we notice how they are growing, if they are lacking in nutrients or water in which direction we need to go for their best results.

It is a slow conversation between vigneron and vine.

A vine should be able to live a long life of well over 100 years but vine's that are constantly damaged by harsh contact with pruning and picking machines have to be uprooted and re planted every 15 so years.
We take our time and choose much more labour intensive methods to ensure our vines will develop and prosper through to full maturity and produce grapes of the highest quality.