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Christophe Emmanuel Amanda
The Family Business
At the heart of southern France’s beautiful Minervois region, lies Domaine La Combe du Jardinier. Run by husband and wife team, Christophe and Amanda Jammes, it’s not just a business, but a philosophy: respect for the vines, the earth and nature’s eternal cycle.

Christophe and Amanda treat their vines as they treat their garden – growing plants with love and care. Every grape is hand-picked and every vine hand-pruned. No herbicides are used in the cultivation of the fruit, which is later crushed in a hundred-year-old press.

The logic is simple. Christophe and Amanda believe in working with nature, rather than against it. It’s for the good of the environment: the soil, plants and animals and of course, the wider world. Ultimately, it’s for the benefit of future generations – including their two small sons, who will eventually inherit the land.

For this reason, Domaine La Combe du Jardinier is a family business in the strongest sense of the word. It’s run entirely by Christophe and Amanda, whose vision and principles inform everything, from the pruning of the vines, to the exquisite hand-drawn labels. This complete control of the business means the couple can strive for excellence – and make time for family life. They are free to live and work the way they want; in harmony with the world around them.

It’s this sense of wellbeing you feel as you enter Domaine La Combe du Jardinier. When Amanda and Christophe welcome you to their salle de degustation, they’re also welcoming you into their home. You’re invited to taste not just their remarkable wines, but their warmth, their hospitality and their own special way of life.

Christophe and Amanda look forward to sharing their excellent wines with guests at their home in Beaufort.